Stylish and environmentally friendly

WIKING Mini is a stylish and environmentally friendly wood burning stove for small holiday homes or energy-efficient houses.


This small wood burning stove has a classic rectangular shape and with its slightly curved sides it has a modern expression. The door is equipped with a large glass window that ensures an optimum view of the flames.


WIKING Mini is the smallest wood burning stove in the WIKING family, also in terms of kilowatt output. It is very well suited for smaller rooms, holiday homes, energy-efficient houses or areas where there is limited space.

Advantage // WIKING® Automatic™

WIKING® Automatic™

WIKING Mini is equipped with WIKING® Automatic™ (a specially developed system for air regulation) in its standard configuration.

WIKING® Automati™ makes lighting the fire easier and increases comfort by using an automatic regulation of the air intake for the combustion. This results in it being easy to operate and ensures comfort while also heating the room with cleaner and more efficient heat.    


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See WIKING® Automatic™ video here


Energy-efficient houses - with cosiness

The need for heating becomes less and less as newly built houses are become better insulated, and this impacts everything from the air to the interior climate to firing - but we still love the cosiness of wood burning stoves. HWAM has developed WIKING Mini for small and well-insulated houses where the density imposes other requirements on the wood burning stove and the interior climate.


Cottages or holiday homes
WIKING Mini is a great match for your holiday home, summerhouse or cottage. It is a fine little holiday home cottage and it is relatively inexpensive. It does not take up a lot of space and you can place furniture in relatively close proximity to it.


The United Kingdom - and other classic markets

Due to its size, WIKING Mini has the fantastic advantage of being able to easily fit inside the classic fireplaces that you find in, for example, the United Kingdom. By installing a WIKING Mini, the inefficient fireplace is replaced with a clean and efficient combustion from the wood burning stove.

WIKING Mini has been designed with an eye of the UK market in particular and this advantage is a major part of its success.


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Advantage // Convection

Convection oven - Get up close to the flames

WIKING Mini is made from sheet iron which ensures a quick firing and distribution of the heat. The use of sheet iron also means that the wood burning stove has a high convection rate so that both people and furniture can be in close proximity to it without being damaged or feeling uncomfortable from the heat. Furniture can be placed 30cm away from the sides and 100cm away from the front.


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Always read the manual before installing the stove

Advantage // fresh air system

Fresh air system

WIKING Mini can also be attached to a fresh air system. The system sucks in air from the outside directly in the wood burning stove and the combustion therefore does not affect the air quality inside the house. The fresh air system is also particularly well suited for relatively small and newly built houses with good insulation. 


Learn more about fresh air system here



  • On a 2cm base (Height of the stove 60.8cm)
  • On low legs (Height of the stove 65.2cm)
  • On tall legs (Height of the stove 83.2cm)
  • Wall mounted (Height of the stove 59.2cm)


  • With wood storage (Height of the stove 89.2cm)
  • With lower door (Height of the stove 89.2cm)