Why HWAM® Autopilot™?

Protect the environment with HWAM® Autopilot™

Nature needs protecting - now more than ever. You can make a big difference and leave a greener footprint for the enjoyment of future generations by introducing small changes in your life. Start by choosing a HWAM wood-burning stove.

A HWAM wood-burning stove holds a little secret. A secret which has been kept for 30-odd years. It is a heat-sensitive spring at the core of your HWAM wood-burning stove by the name of HWAM® Autopilot™.

Once you have lit the stove, HWAM® Autopilot™ takes over and automatically regulates the air supply. As the heat rises and falls in the combustion chamber, the heat-sensitive spring will cause the three mechanical air dampers to open or close depending on the current temperature in the combustion chamber. In effect, optimum combustion without you having to do anything. Easy, convenient, eco-friendly and economical.

HWAM® Autopilot™ allows you to choose the temperature level that suits you. Simply set the regulation to your requirements

A HWAM wood-burning stove means:
• Better comfort
• 40% savings on firewood consumption*
• Reduced particle emission*

HWAM® Autopilot™ is standard in all HWAM wood-burning stoves and is included in the price.

"We constantly strive to make our wood-burning stoves and stove inserts more efficient and environmentally friendly. Therefore, our products are put through a series of comprehensive tests to determine how they perform in different situations. We do this to ensure that the wood-burning stoves and the stove inserts comply with both our own stringent environmental requirements in every  conceivable situation. We do this to ensure the best possible experience for the user and to protect the environment.”

* Compared to a similar wood-burning stove without HWAM® Autopilot™

Watch the video on the benefits of HWAM® Autopilot™ here