Why WIKING® Automatic™

Easy operation

All WIKING wood-burning stoves are equipped with a function which automatically lends you a helping hand and ensures correct lighting of your wood-burning stove: WIKING® Automatic™. With any combustion, it is important to get off to a good start — to get the fire started and heat up the chimney, so that it can provide the essential draught that drives the combustion in the wood-burning stove . This is where WIKING® Automatic™ comes into its own. WIKING® Automatic™ is equipped with a heat-sensitive spring that opens for the primary air during lighting-up and closes once combustion is steady. When the fire is about to die, WIKING® Automatic™ opens for the primary air again to burn off the remaining coal, leaving only a thin layer of ash. If you want to re-stoke, WIKING® Automatic™ helps you once more by ensuring effortless lighting of the firewood thanks to the automatically controlled supply of primary air. The long combustion phase between the start and end phase is easily controlled by the handle on the front of the wood-burning stove. The handle allows you to turn the air supply up or down and adjust the heat level to your needs.

WIKING® Automatic™ is standard in all WIKING stoves.

Watch the video on the benefits of WIKING® Automatic™ here