In 2005, the two furniture designers, Christina Strand and Niels Hvass, contributed a totally new and innovative product series of wood-burning stoves: the HWAM 3310, HWAM 3320 and HWAM 4410.

Christina Strand and Niels Hvass experiment with new shapes and materials to create simple, functional products that express a unique idea. They create furniture with identity and simplicity, in which the character of the materials find full expression. The furniture pieces have a youthful, dynamic and experimental design that simultaneously signals classic Danish design and style.

With this new product series made for HWAM, Strand + Hvass have created an untraditional wood-burning stove design that takes the nature of fire and the pyramid forms of the flames as its starting point. The wood-burning stoves are not just functional pieces of heating furniture, as they appear as beautiful sculptures in the room. The three new products have a large glass window that slides easily up and down along the stove, and no handles or levers interrupt the pure lines of the design.

Both designers were educated at the Danish School of Design and now manage the practice Strand + Hvass. Since 1998, they have first and foremost designed high-quality furniture.

Strand + Hvass have won several design prizes, such as the Design Foundation Prize in 1996. In 2002, they won the design competition to make a chair for Denmark's crown prince with their "Rex" design. And in 2003, they received "Le prix de l'esthétique" (The Aesthetics Prize) in Paris for their "Menuet" design. Most recently, Strand + Hvass and HWAM Heat Design won the "Red Dot" Design Award in 2006 for the HWAM 3320 wood-burning stove. 

The dream task is when we succeed

In the spring of 2004, HWAM Heat Design arranged two closed design competitions. One competition for a high-end product, and another competition for a series of free-standing stoves.

Strand + Hvass won both competitions thanks to their proposals' innovative, refreshing design and pure lines, combined with a series of new, consumer-friendly functions. Since then, the teamwork with the two architects has lead to stoves with a stylish finish.

The architects own words:

The user at the centre
All our design starts with the person and his surroundings. We create furniture, lamps, and now also wood-burning stoves, all centred around the user. Our overall ambition is to work with the best Danish manufacturers in order to create products of a high quality and in a design which will last and please for many years.

HWAM Heat Design fits very well into this ambition, so our shared intention to create quality, good design, and well-working products constitutes an excellent starting-point for our partnership.

Working with design requires an insight into the user's reality. The user must feel that his or her needs have been in focus, both when the product is acquired, and when it forms part of their everyday life.

Tranquillity is a luxury
When developing HWAM 3310, 3320, and 4410, the starting-point has always been the tranquillity created by a fireplace.

One of the functions of the home is to gather the family; to provide time for relaxation and congeniality, and create tranquillity in an otherwise hectic, chaotic daily life, both of which are considered a rare luxury today.

With a minimalist design and simple lines we have created a collection of wood-burning stoves with an elegant, clear expression. There are no superfluous details attracting undue attention to themselves, and precisely by being inconspicuous, these wood-burning stoves will fit any décor, both in modern and older, traditional architecture.

This allows the stoves to convey the fire's message, to inspire calmness and consideration, but equally signal style and awareness when they are not lit.

Everyday convenience
HWAM 3310, 3320, and 4410 are also characterised by the convenience of their everyday use.

The stove is opened by sliding the door up along the stove front. This ensures that the hot door does not swing into the room, thereby keeping a free space in front of the stove opening.

A special lifting mechanism has been developed together with HWAM Heat Design, which ensures a nice soft, sliding movement of the door. The mechanism also ensures that the stove is opened from the bottom and upwards, and the stove's vacuum is thus utilised to keep dust and ashes inside the stove.

As the stoves are equipped with HWAM's special combustion automatics system, ensuring optimum, pure combustion, the operating handles are hidden behind the stove's front, emphasising both the minimalist design and the simple and convenient operation of the stove.

HWAM 3310 and 3320 are equipped with an ash container and ash removal system instead of an ashtray. This means that all cleaning can take place in a hermetically sealed system, preventing the ashes from being whirled out into the room.

All the stoves can be either wall-mounted or supplied with a metal plinth.

HWAM 3310 and 3320 are prepared for connection of a fresh air system via the plinth.

Of course, the development of the collection continues at our drawing office, because it remains a priority for us to ensure that our customers continue to enjoy our products – today, tomorrow, and in the future.

After all, we all make our living from loyal customers who are happy to recommend our products.