Guarantee & claim conditions

Here you will find the guarantee- & claim conditions for HWAM & WIKING.

HWAM products are all made with high-quality craftsmanship, manufactured from first-class material and subject to a thorough quality control process. Therefore, we are convinced that your new wood burning stove will perform smoothly for many years to come.

However, should a problem arise, then naturally we wish to give you the best possible service.

HWAM A/S offer an extended 5-year guarantee on the basic construction of the wood burning stove. The guarantee runs from the date of purchase. The basic construction includes metal parts, weldings, cast iron top plates and the steel construction of the combustion chamber door (normal consumable and movable parts like glass, gaskets and hinges not included).

For electronic components such as HWAM® SmartControl™ and the mechanical HWAM® Autopilot™ HWAM A/S offer a 2-year guarantee. Specific spare parts around the combustion chamber carry a 6-month guarantee, exclusively against manufacturing defects.

Claims can only be submitted in the country where the product was originally delivered. The right to submit claims is given to the first buyer of the product and  cannot be handed over to a second party (except in situations with resale). All claims must be addressed directly to the retailer who sold the product, since HWAM A/S do not handle claims directly from the end-user.

The guarantee is always conditional on the presentation of the original invoice and documentation of the serial number. Pictures, whenever possible, will speed up the claim process. The guarantee runs from the date of purchase from the retailer.

Before you send your claim, you should inspect your HWAM wood burning stove for possible defects that you are able to rectify yourself. Please also check the user instructions. Should your claim or a service call prove to be unwarranted, then you will be invoiced for the associated costs.

Shipping or handling expenses, when returning a wood burning stove or parts from a wood burning stove for replacement or repair, are not covered by HWAM A/S unless they refer to an approved claim. For the purchase of normal consumable parts, HWAM A/S would of course be happy to make an offer.

Certain parts on the wood burning stove are not covered by the guarantee.
This applies to the following:
  • Normal wear and tear parts:
    - Gaskets and fire rope
    - Smoke deflection plates
    - Soapstone and natural stone
    - Movable parts
  • Rust
  • The use of non-original spare parts
  • Incorrect building-in, installation or connection of the wood burning stove
  • Incorrect operation use or misuse of the wood burning stove
  • Costs related to dismantling, reinstallation and reconnection of the wood burning stove
  • Fire, accident or a similar situation
  • Repairs not carried out by HWAM A/S or an authorized retailer
  • Lack of, or inadequate service or maintenance
  • Changes to the original construction of the wood burning stove or its parts
  • Removal or damage to the serial number of the wood burning stove
  • Transport costs or damage during transportation
  • Extra costs that may arise due to any consequential action or damage

The guarantee may be terminated if the wood burning stove is not maintained or operated according to the instructions.

Claims for damage to normal consumable parts are only accepted if it can be proved that the product was damaged when it arrived at the end-user. Picture documentation is required.

Skamolex is a natural material that will expand during heating. As long as the Skamolex is placed correctly in the combustion chamber it is fully functional and will, despite any possible dents or thin craks, not weaken the performance of the wood-burning stove. Therefore, the 6-month guarantee is only valid upon detection of a manufacturing defect.

If the glass turns out to be damaged upon receive of the wood burning stove, most likely it will be due to a rough transportation, and a claim must immediately be filed against the freight company. Damaged glass will not be recognised by HWAM A/S as a legitimate claim.

The glass in a HWAM wood burning stove is a special heat resistant ceramic glass that can endure very high temperatures. White or sooty glass will be a consequence of incorrect use of the wood burning stove and therefore not covered by the guarantee. Should a manufacturing defect appear in the glass we offer a 6- month guarantee. Possible defects such as e.g. a crack will show already after the first few lightings, and a claim must be submitted immediately to rely on the guarantee.

If the surface treatment is inadequate or tends to crack, this should become apparent already after the first few lightings. It could be clear cracks or even large flakes of paint peeling off. If the surface treatment peels off it is likely due to a manufacturing defect, and it is required that a claim is submitted immediately to make use of the guarantee. After more lightings the guarantee will have terminated, and a claim will be rejected.

The types of stone used for HWAM wood burning stoves is a natural material and therefore it is most likely to see a variation in both structure and colour. Such variation is not covered by the guarantee. However, should a crack or even a break in the stone show after a few lightings, then a claim must be submitted immediately to make use of the guarantee.

Any cracks or even a break in the ceramic tiles will show already after a few lightings and a claim must be submitted immediately to make use of the guarantee.

If a wood burning stove or some of its parts are to be returned to HWAM A/S for repair under warranty, the extent of the repair must be evaluated together with the dealer to decide e.g. the return transport. HWAM A/S do not accept the return of the entire wood-burning stove if the actual part for repair is only a spare part that can easily be separated from the stove and returned individually.

To ensure optimum performance of your new wood burning stove, always observe the maintenance and service instructions.

- 26.10.2018