HWAM A/S has actively put CSR on the agenda

The aim of a clear framework for our CSR work is to reinforce sustainable practices and considerations as a natural part of our everyday work at all levels of the organisation and in a way that shows respect and care for the environment, the economy and people.

HWAM is already guided by its core values which are to be loyal, responsible, reliable and respectful in all regards. This applies to our internal relationships as colleagues at the workplace and to our relationships with customers and partners, as well as our behaviour and actions within wider society and on a global level. 

Our ambition here at HWAM is - bit by bit - to incorporate CSR into all aspects of our business and make sure we are well positioned to meet growing demands and expectations from the world around us, including tighter regulations. We also want to contribute continuously towards an even higher degree of corporate social responsibility and the attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and not least to the green transition.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Employees at HWAM

Corporate social responsibility is very much about our people - who are also the most important asset that HWAM has.

Here at HWAM, we thus place priority on upholding a high level of safety and health, and avoiding physical and mental harm. Wellbeing and the work environment are among our highest ranking focus areas when it comes to our employees. 


HWAM and the sustainable development goals

Here at HWAM, we work with the following five SDGs on a daily basis:

SDG 3: Health and wellbeing

SDG 5: Gender equality

SDG 7: Sustainable energy

SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth

SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production


The green transition

The transition towards a greener and more sustainable future is a continuous process which begins at a strategic level and requires the involvement of all employees across the various different departments that make up the business.