A wood-burning stove with intelligent heat

An intelligent wood-burning stove — how does that sound?

HWAM offers a wide range of user-friendly wood-burning stoves with intelligent combustion systems for economical and eco-friendly heating and a better indoor climate. Easy to light and clean, our low-maintenance wood-burning stoves offer excellent comfort throughout their lifetime.

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Unique combustion systems of high quality

Do you dream of an environmentally friendly and efficient wood-burning stove with a beautiful appearance and long life?

The combustion systems are both innovative and unique. With HWAM® Autopilot™, the stove automatically regulates the air supply in the combustion chamber to achieve the most efficient heating. With the intelligent HWAM® SmartControl™ you can control the stove with your smartphone or tablet and choose the right room temperature for you and your family.

We have been manufacturing stoves at our factory in Denmark for 45 years, always giving quality and craftsmanship the pride of place.

When you buy a HWAM® wood-burning stove, there is a 5-year warranty on the wood-burning stove itself. Electronic components such as HWAM®SmartControl™ and the mechanical HWAM®Autopilot™ come with a 2-year warranty.

Find out what the warranty includes here.

Modern and functional

You can choose stove models in different materials, colours and sizes. Black, grey or white steel cladding or our beautiful natural stone cladding: Tobacco sandstone, soapstone or perhaps the light sandstone, San Sebastian. The choice is yours!

If you want to keep the floor space underneath the stove, then opt for a wall-mounted HWAM 2610. Light and elegant, it floats above the floor. If you just want to raise the stove a little off the floor, choose a pedestal or a plinth for your stov

A HWAM® wood-burning stove has a lot to offer:

  • Optimum combustion and effortless handling thanks to HWAM®SmartControl™
  • Efficient combustion and easy operation thanks to HWAM®Autopilot™
  • Danish and international designers
  • 45+ years of production in Denmark
  • An air wash system ensures air circulation in the combustion chamber and helps to keep the glass clean. The result: a clear view of the flames.
  • A high degree of user comfort and ease of operation thanks to HWAM® SmartControl™ or HWAM® Autopilot™
  • A unique closing mechanism seals the door tightly for optimum combustion
  • Optional fresh-air connection
  • Convection distributes the heat in the room and ensures a uniform temperature throughout the room
  • Comfortable and cold handle

Buy a HWAM® wood-burning stove

Our vision is to make it easy for you to have and use a wood-burning stove, and our innovative combustion systems provide heat in an intelligent way. Even in a new airtight house, you can enjoy the pleasure of a HWAM® wood-burning stove. Our fresh air system, which is available as an additional purchase, will ensure optimal conditions for the combustion.

Modern combustion is also about ease of use and comfort. You will get plenty of that when you buy a HWAM® wood-burning stove. All the stoves are easy to light, and for stoves with HWAM® SmartControl™ the room temperature can easily be controlled via an app on your mobile or tablet.

Find your local retailer

If you would like to see the stoves live, or if you have questions about one of the models, do not hesitate to contact one of our competent retailer. You can find them right here.