Insert for the modern home

Do you dream of a wood-burning stove built into the wall, then read on ...

A wood-burning stove is a good extra source of heat, but it can also take up a lot of space in the room. HWAM® offers a range of inserts that can be built into the wall.


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Multi-functional built-in wood-burning stove

When you buy an insert from HWAM®, you get a smart model with a wealth of useful functions:

• Optimum combustion and effortless handling thanks to HWAM®SmartControl™
• Efficient combustion and easy operation thanks to HWAM®Autopilot™
• Danish and international designers
• 45+ years of production in Denmark
• An air wash system ensures that the air circulates in the combustion chamber and helps to keep the glass clean, so that there is always a clear view of the flames.
• A high degree of user comfort and ease of operation thanks to HWAM® SmartControl™ or HWAM® Autopilot™
• A unique closing mechanism seals the door tightly for optimum combustion
• Optional fresh-air connection
• Convection ensures heat distribution in the room and a consistent temperature throughout the room
• Comfortable handle

Like all our traditional wood-burning stoves, the built-in stoves are equipped with HWAM® Autopilot™ as standard. HWAM® SmartControl™ is available as an additional purchase. Heat and temperature are controlled by the autopilot function, while HWAM® SmartControl™ allows you to maintain control and adjust the temperature via an app on your smartphone or tablet.

High comfort throughout the life of the stove. All our wood-burning stoves and inserts are designed for easy lighting, use and cleaning.

A fresh air system can be purchased for HWAM® inserts to obtain optimal combustion. A constant supply of oxygen directly from the outside means clean, environmentally friendly and more efficient combustion.

An elegant solution. Hidden away - but still visible. Optimal heat and a view to the dancing flames. Enjoy the extra space underneath the stove and enjoy a piece of live art on your wall.

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