Wood-burnings stove accessories of high quality

A wood-burning stove comes with a lot of accessories. Our selection of accessories includes: a firewood bucket, a firewood box on wheels, firewood storage, SmartBackup for your HWAM® wood-burning stove with HWAM® SmartControl™, a ventilation kit for your insert, etc.
We have what you need to add the finishing touch.


The wood-burning stove accessories are of the same high standard and quality materials as the HWAM® wood-burning stoves, and they have also been produced in Denmark for more than 45 years.

Wood burning stove accessories make everyday life easier

Firewood storage requires a good firewood bucket, a stylish rack or a firewood box on wheels, and we also have several smart solutions for the wall. If you have space right by the wood-burning stove, the wood bucket makes good sense. The box on wheels, on the other hand, is ideal if your wood stack is far away from the stove.

To protect the floor and meet the required distance to combustible materials, we offer protective plates in steel and glass. All plates are individually adapted to the various models and complete the modern and stylish look of your wood-burning stove.

We also have technical accessories for your wood-burning stove. The ventilation system for our insert HWAM I 40/55 helps distribute the heat optimally and evenly throughout the room. Our SmartBackup, which can be purchased separately for stoves with HWAM® SmartControl™, ensures continued combustion after a possible power failure.

Are you in doubt about which accessories to buy?
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Extra spare parts for wood-burning stoves

In the stove there are wear parts that need to be replaced from time to time. Should the insulation (skamolex / vermiculite) in the combustion chamber be replaced or has the gasket in the door become a little worn? Is the glass in the door cracked? We recommend that you contact your local dealer to have the parts replaced.
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