HWAM Advantages

Many of the advantages of a HWAM wood burning stove are unique HWAM qualities that are developed by the designers, who are constantly setting themselves new goals within the areas of user-friendliness, design and performance.

HWAM® Autopilot™

A wood-burning stove with HWAM® Autopilot ™ ensures excellent combustion – for the benefit of the environment and your firewood consumption - without any manual regulation of the air supply.

Thanks to a bimetal spring, the air supply to the combustion chamber is automatically adjusted to get the most heat out of your firewood. The bimetal spring expands or contracts, depending on the temperature of the combustion chamber, thereby regulating the dampers so that the fire is supplied with the right amount of air.

All HWAM stoves are equipped with HWAM® Autopilot ™ as standard.

HWAM® SmartControl™

With HWAM® SmartControl™ you need not worry about how to achieve the optimum and most eco-friendly combustion — the electronic control will take care of this.
Simply download our App “IHS Smart Control” on your phone or tablet. Set the desired room temperature. The app will notify you when it is time to fire to keep the right temperature — without any manual adjustment of the dampers.

To start a fire, you must use the right amount of wood, heat and oxygen. And to achieve the cleanest and most eco-friendly combustion, you need the right combination of wood, oxygen and temperature.

To this end, HWAM® SmartControl has been developed in collaboration with DTU (Danish Technical University). It automatically ensures an optimal combination of oxygen and temperature to achieve clean combustion. The correct amount of oxygen is very important for optimal combustion. HWAM® SmartControl™ constantly measures oxygen levels at the outlet of the wood-burning stove and continuously adjusts the vents to ensure the right amount of oxygen. To reduce the risk of particle and gas emissions, the fire must reach a minimum temperature of 750° C in the shortest possible time. HWAM® SmartControl™ helps adjust the position of the vents to achieve this temperature.

Denmark has the strictest legal requirements in Europe when it comes to particle emissions from wood-burning stoves. Therefore, you can light the fire with a clear conscience, sit back and enjoy while the wood-burning stove does all the hard work.

Heat storage

Heat storage is a phenomenon known from the large mass stoves where heat is stored in the stones surrounding the combustion chamber.

Heat storage in a wood-burning stove is the combination of the wood-burning stove's ability to quickly and comfortably distribute the convection heat and the mass stove's ability to store the heat.

The compartment can be filled with a large amount of stone. Stone has a special ability to store heat from the wood-burning stove, which will then slowly be emitted into the room, even long after the fire has died.

While the wood-burning stove is burning, the stone in the heat storage compartment will be heated up. Once the fire in the combustion chamber has died, the stone will continue emitting the stored heat into the room.

Tests show that stone in the small heat storage compartment will keep warm for up to 10 hours, whereas stone in the large storage compartment will keep warm for up to 14 hours after the last stoking.

The models HWAM 3130, HWAM 3520, HWAM 3650, HWAM 3660, HWAM 3760, HWAM 4150, HWAM 4160, HWAM 4550, HWAM 4560, HWAM 4660, HWAM 5530 and HWAM 7150 are constructed with a heat storage compartment for the heat storage.

As an extra feature, HWAM 3520, HWAM 3650, HWAM 3660 and HWAM 7150 have a knob which regulates the convection air to the heat storage compartment. When the convection damper is closed, the heat stored in the stone will be retained in the heat storage compartment for as long as possible; once the damper is opened, the heat will be distributed to the room as quickly as possible.


Here at HWAM, we have been working with sheet iron for more than 45 years, and we know what advantages it provides for our customers.

Most wood-burning stoves today are made of sheet iron. Sheet iron gives the opportunity to make designs that are not possible with cast iron.

Its smooth surface gives the wood-burning stove the same finish as other pieces of furniture in the house. Furthermore, sheet iron begins to radiate heat upon lighting the stove. The melting point of sheet iron is 1,600 degrees, while that of cast iron is only 1,200 degrees. Cast iron can also crack if heated too quickly, which is impossible with sheet iron.

Combustion Air System

No oxygen, no fire. It’s that simple. That is why a constant flow of air to the wood-burning stove is needed to create clean and effective combustion in your HWAM.

Today’s homes must be both energy efficient and environmentally friendly, and they are therefore very well-insulated. This makes good sense, but it can be a problem when it comes to your wood-burning stove having a sufficient amount of air – which is important for building a proper fire.

The solution lies in a combustion air system, which ensures a constant flow of air to the wood-burning stove. HWAM’s combustion air system creates air circulation that is almost completely impermeable.


All HWAM wood-burning stoves are convection stoves. This means that the wood-burning stove quickly emits heat after lighting.

The heat is transferred by a natural air current, and not by heat radiation. This results in a pleasant indoor climate and a uniform temperature throughout the entire room.

Another advantage is that the outer cap of the wood-burning stove does not become especially hot. This is to say that furniture can be placed quite close to the wood-burning stove.

3 way "Airwash"

Dancing flames are both fascinating and relaxing. Furthermore, flames are beautiful in all phases from the initial lighting to the burning of coals.

For this reason, it is important that the glass pane on a HWAM wood-burning stove does not become sooty during combustion.

HWAM has developed a technique that ensures that the glass pane always receives heated air from three sides in order to prevent it from becoming sooty.


A HWAM wood-burning stove is designed for user-friendliness throughout the duration of its service lifetime.

The user-friendliness of a HWAM wood-burning stove means:

  • The automatics system ensures that the wood- burning stove is easy to light.
  • The user does not have to spend time adjusting the air supply.
  • Automatic adjustment to the optimal, environmentally friendly combustion.
  • Consistent heating level throughout the entire combustion period.
  • An execellent fuel efficiency.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • No unpleasant odours.
  • Very easy to clean.

Unique Door System

All HWAM stoves have an easy and unique closing system, which ensures that the door fits tightly

The door is constructed so that it opens and closes with a steady, balanced vertical movement. When closing, the door glides silently into position and completely seals the opening.

The system confirms HWAM’s high technological and innovative level. When it is opened, the vertical gliding movement of the lift-lower door minimises turbulence in the combustion chamber so that ash is not whirled up and blown into the room. Convenient for you as it reduces the need for cleaning around the stove.

HWAM - a unique wood-burning stove

  • All HWAM® wood-burning stoves are high quality and are produced in Denmark according to international requirements and standards.
  • All HWAM® wood-burning stoves have a 5-year factory warranty and a 2-year warranty on wearable parts, HWAM® Autopilot™ and HWAM® SmartControl™.
  • All HWAM® stoves are designed by renowned Danish and international designers with respect for proud design traditions. Read more about our designers here.
  • A HWAM® wood-burning stove has been developed to optimize heat consumption, achieving at the same time good comfort when using the wood-burning stove.
  • All HWAM® stoves are supplied with HWAM® Autopilot™ as standard unless you purchase the intelligent HWAM® SmartControl™.
  • HWAM® Autopilot™ gives you good comfort by automatically regulating the air supply in your stove so that improved combustion is achieved.
  • With HWAM® SmartControl™ you get an intelligent wood-burning stove that is controlled via your smartphone, ensures optimal combustion, and notifies you when it is time to put more firewood on. Set the desired temperature on the app ("IHS Smart Control") and enjoy the freedom.
You get the following:
  • A wood-burning stove that is easy to light. We recommend top-down lighting to achieve the most environmentally friendly lighting
  • A wood-burning stove where you do not have to spend time adjusting the air supply thanks to the smart HWAM® Autopilot™ or the intelligent HWAM® SmartControl™.
  • A wood-burning stove that is automatically set to achieve the most optimal and most environmentally friendly combustion air supply thanks to the smart HWAM® Autopilot™ or the intelligent HWAM® SmartControl™.
  • A wood-burning stove that ensures even heat throughout the combustion period.
  • A wood-burning stove with good fuel economy.
  • A wood-burning stove that requires minimal maintenance.
  • A wood-burning stove that does not cause odour nuisance.
  • A wood-burning stove that is very easy to clean.
  • It is possible to get HWAM® SmartControl™ on most HWAM® wood-burning stoves.