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HWAM 3500

HWAM 3500 is a simple and timeless wood-burning stove that fits well in both classic and modern interior designs. 


HWAM® SmartControl™ support

If you need help updating your HWAM® SmartControl™ app, you can find it here.

Go ahead and get the most out of your app and HWAM stove.

HWAM® Autopilot™

A little secret

A HWAM wood-burning stove holds a little secret. A secret which has been kept for 30-odd years.

It is a heat-sensitive spring at the core of your HWAM wood-burning stove by the name of HWAM® Autopilot™.

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Small stoves

In this brochure we would like to introduce you to some of our favourite small and powerful wood-burning stoves. They are all Ecodesign compliant to meet all requirements of the new clean air rules in force from 2022 and they are all Defra approved for burning wood in smoke control areas.

Also, see which of our small stoves fit the steel bench.


Have a look around...

Get a tour around the factory and see how a wood-burning stove is made.
HWAM & Seguin Group

HWAM and Seguin groupe join forces

French SEGUIN Group and Danish HWAM A/S have decided to join forces to enhance the synergy of their cooperation.

About HWAM

HWAM A/S is one of Denmark´s largest manufacturers of architect designed, eco friendly wood-burning stoves. For more than 50 years, HWAM A/S has designed and manufactured modern high quality wood-burning stoves for homes of all kinds -  initially under the name of ABC Pejse Industri A/S, and today under the HWAM A/S. 

We take pride in our artisanship, which is evident when you stand close to the crackling fire behind the stove´s clear glass pane. Our passion for design, innovation and quality, as well as our attention to detail, stand out clearly when looking at our stoves. 

We focus a lot on ease of use, so it is easy to light the wood-burning stove in order to spread warmth and joy in your home. We are equally concerned with our surroundings and the environmental risk of improper firing practices. This risk is significantly reduced with both HWAM and WIKING wood-burning stoves, which all feature either HWAM® Autopilot™ or WIKING® Automatic™ combustion system to optimize the combustion - for the benefi t of both you and the environment.

Our combustion system, HWAM® SmartControl™, which fits most of our HWAM stoves, takes the technology one step further by minimizing firewood consumption.

Since the beginning of humanity, generations have gathered around a fire - from the stone-age fi res to the candles of modern homes. And the warmth of a fire continues to unite people and spread comfort and enjoyment all over the world. Development and production still take place in Hørning Denmark, where it all began back in 1973.

HWAM is Danish craftmanship at its best.