New timeless HWAM stove

Simple Nordic design frames the ancient cosy atmosphere around the fire in the new stove from HWAM

HWAM is launching a new, attractive member of the family: HWAM 4500. It is a stylish and environmentally friendly stove, which presents itself well and fits in everywhere in your home. A distinguished sculpture in the living room and a pleasant furniture, which promotes a cosy atmosphere with an extra view to the fire through glass in multiple angles.

The designers behind the new stove, Henrik Sørig Thomsen and Tobias Jacobsen, have created a simple form which indicates a stylish class. The stove is rounded at the sides, easy to handle and easy to clean.

Wood stove with a clear conscience

Behind the beautiful exterior, the HWAM 4500 contains the Autopilot™ or Autopilot IHS™ techniques. These ensures an optimized exploitation of the wood for the benefit of the residents and the environment. The new technique, Autopilot IHS™ provides up to 50% more heat using the same amount of wood in an environmentally friendly way compared to stoves without the function.

Design your own HWAM 4500

The series consists of four different HWAM 4500 models with either a modern or a classic door.

Several of the models may be covered in soapstone or grit in the colours Grey or Tobacco. This creates an expression in line with current trends adding nature’s unique features to the interior. The tallest models have a heat storage which may be filled with heat storing stones. The stones absorb the heat and, automatically, release it little by little, even when the flames have burned out.

Danish craftsmanship for more than 40 years

HWAM is a 100% Danish, family-owned company, which, for more than 40 years, has been manufacturing high quality stoves.

”We make firing easy and hereby spread warmth and happiness. You can decide in advance, how hot you want the room to be, and when it is time to add more wood, you will receive a message via a simple remote control. This way, you spare the environment and the surrounding world” Stefan Hvam Pedersen, CEO at HWAM A/S, explains.

All vital parts in the HWAM stoves are manufactured at the family’s high-tech production plant in Hørning at Aarhus.

Put your own personal stamp on HWAM 4500 with soapstone or grit in the colours Grey or Tobacco. The raw natural look adds an edge to your home, while the stone cladding extends the heating effect.

Dealers reference

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