Natural Stone

HWAM Natural Stone - Heat supply over along period of time

There is something exclusive and stunning about natural stone.

For millions of years it has been in the mountains around the world and will always carry something of their history.

HWAM follows the housing trend while bringing history into the living rooms, and is now introducing a new series of exclusive and raw natural stones in our range.

When tiling your wood-burning stove with natural stone, the fire is once again framed in it’s raw natural state.

Choosing sandstone, limestone or soapstone optic will mean only that your wood-burning stove will be unique as no two natural stones are the same.

As an added benefit of the stone cover you will get even more heat out of your stove. While you have fire in the stove, the stones will continue to heat, and once the fire goes out, the heat will slowly be released over a long period of time.

If you would like to utilise the heat even further, you can choose a wood-burning stove with a heat storage compartment. It combines the wood-burning stove’s ability to quickly distribute the convection heat and the ability of the stone to store the heat.

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