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HWAM® SmartControl ™ is an electronic air control system developed* to help you achieve the cleanest possible combustion. HWAM® SmartControl™ controls the whole process for you, whereby you automatically achieve the best possible combustion every time.
* in collaboration with DTU (Denmarks Technical University)


  • To achieve an optimal and clean combustion, it requires the right amount of wood and air, as well as the right temperature. This is very difficult to achieve manually, but HWAM® SmartControl™ controls all this for you and you can just lean back and enjoy.
  • When your wood-burning stove achieves clean combustion, you get the most out of your wood. You set the desired room temperature on your smartphone, thereby minimizing overheating. When your wood­burning stove is not in use, the air supply is closed preventing the hot air in the room to be lost in the chimney.
  • Light the fire as usual - without having to control the air supply yourself, as HWAM® SmartControl™ helps you all the way. If you want to change the room temperature, you simply adjust it via your smartphone. When it is time to restoke, you will receive a notification. It does not get any easier than this.


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This is how easy it is



Light the fire as usual

With HWAM® SmartControl™ you light the fire as you would with any other stove. No changes here.

Set the desired room temperature on your smartphone

Use the app on your phone or tablet to set the room temperature level with the push of a button. The solution allows you to quickly and easily control how hot it is in the room.

Receive a noticifation when it is time to restoke

The app will tell you when it's time to fill up the stove with more firewood. This way you don't have to constantly keep an eye on the fuel level in the stove – HWAM® SmartControl™ does that for you.




CEO of HWAM, Stefan Hvam Pedersen, says:




"HWAM® SmartControl™ allows you, for the first time ever, to regulate the temperature level in rooms heated with a wood-burning stove directly with a phone or tablet. In this way, a wood-burning stove is practically put on an equal footing as a heater, where it is super easy to regulate temperature in the room. This is a notable step ahead compared to all existing remote control systems where you just follow combustion and need to go all the way to the stove to try to regulate the heat," says Stefan Hvam Pedersen, Chief Executive Officer of HWAMA/S, with pride.

"The new technology gives the user a fantastic level of comfort as it does not allow the room to get either too cold or too hot. Not even if you are engrossed in a good book or an exciting football game. At the same time, you can take delight in the documented certainty that you light the stove in the most eco-friendly way possible. The method makes it possible for you to save up to 50 per cent of your firewood, simply because you take better advantage of it. This brings an additional benefit – cleaner air in both your house and your neighbourhood," continues Stefan Hvam Pedersen.




Use your phone or tablet to control the temperature in the room



HWAM's SmartControl™ electronic air regulation gives you a sublime level of comfort and goes easy on the environment and on your pocket. But it's not just that – at the price of a wood-burning stove, you also get an engineer a personal firing aid right in the middle of your living room!

Our "HWAM® SmartControl™" app allows you to easily set up your desired room temperature on a mobile telephone or tablet – and the app even reminds you when it's time to fill up with firewood again. The only thing you have to do yourself is light the fire and close the door.

The system will take care of the rest for you, so you can relax, kick back and relish the flames and the cosy heat.




Ignition and stoking instructions








Technical info about HWAM® SmartControl™



HWAM® SmartControl™ used to be operated by a remote control until October 2016.

The electronics and combustion system itself in both the version with remote control and the new updated HWAM® SmartControl™, which can be operated with an app on your mobile or tablet, are the same.

We are constantly working to improve and optimise combustion in our wood-burning stoves, and it is naturally going to be possible to implement all updates we come to develop for our stoves in both versions

This means that whatever the version of your HWAM® SmartControl™, you will always enjoy the most optimal combustion in your wood-burning stove

It is not possible to upgrade your wood-burning stove from the version with remote control to the app-operated version. It is not possible to use the app in an existing HWAM wood-burning stove, either.

If you therefore want to be able to operate your wood-burning stove and regulate the heat using our app, you will need to buy your wood-burning stove integrated with the updated HWAM® SmartControl™.



Wireless air current control



Our HWAM® SmartControl™ App makes a remote control unnecessary – you can just use your mobile or tablet. The amount of air is controlled electronically with an airbox to ensure optimal air distribution. The stove then maintains the desired temperature in the room.


The fuel savings go on even at night



The stove can be pre-set to automatically turn down the air current during the night, which lowers the temperature and gives a spectacular extension in combustion. The glowing embers give a better night sleep, eco-friendly operation and amazing fuel economy. This is not possible with any other existing stoves and systems.

At the same time, the app remembers that you don't want to be reminded to fill up with firewood after a certain time of the day.


Track your stove's operation on your app



One of the smart features of our new app is the option to track the operation of your stove. Just turn your phone and you'll be able to track all the developments in room temperature, chimney temperature, oxygen level and air supply. Since the app keeps your combustion data, the system allows you to not only track your stove's operation in real time but to also check and compare historical Developments.



International distinction and winner of the 2016 DI Award



The technology behind HWAM® SmartControl™ is so unique that HWAM has been declared a digital front-runner and awarded the 2016 DI Award, with a focus on digitalisation. An honour we are immensely proud of.

But this is not the first time HWAM has attracted the attention of a jury. Previous versions of the technology have received a number of other distinctions, including gold and bronze medals at the French Bois Energie Fair and nominations for the CSR Environment Prize awarded by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and the Wood Stove Design Challenge awarded by U.S. non-profit organisation Alliance of Green Heat.


How can I make it mine?

Except for our inserts and classic stoves, HWAM Classic, all of our wood-burning stoves can be ordered with HWAM® SmartControl™. The app itself is available for free download via IOS and Google Android. When you purchase the stove, just download the app, and you're all set.

Would you like to know more?

If you have any additional questions about the HWAM® SmartControl™ system, do not hesitate to contact our dealers listed in here.