HWAM 4500

HWAM’s new series of wood-burning stoves, HWAM 4500, has successfully built on the highly popular HWAM 4600.

As with HWAM 4600, it is again Danish designer duo, Henrik Sørig Thomsen and Tobias Jacobsen, that is behind the beautiful design.

This is what they have to say about their thoughts and ideas about
the stove:
”Our intention together with HWAM has been to develop a likeable product that can fit anywhere in the living room. A shape exuding quality. A shape that does not ”blare” and can fit various interior environments. A shape that is easy to clean, easy to handle and would be a great companion, day in and day out. In line with technological development, the bonfire of the times of yore has gradually become an environmentally friendly and modern source of heat and a gathering point for the family. Fire and wood are the very symbol of heat. HWAM 4500 is trying, in all humility, to articulate this idea. The stove’s friendly rounded shape allows it to fit both modern and traditional interior environments. We hope that HWAM 4500 can be the source of warmth and cosiness for your home and a true gathering point for your whole family.”

Like all the other HWAM wood-burning stoves, our Autopilot or Autopilot IHS™ ensures optimum utilization of the firewood, which is for the benefit of the stove owners and the environment. The new series, which is to be launched in the summer 2016, will be available in four different models.

HWAM 4530c

HWAM 4540c

HWAM 4550c

HWAM 4560c

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