How smart can a wood-burning stove really become?



The Autopilot IHS ensures optimal combustion for the benefit of the environment and up to 50%* savings on your firewood consumption.


The Autopilot IHS controls the air inlet electronically and distributes it optimally via intelligent regulation of three independent air inlets.


The Autopilot IHS makes it easy for you. All you need to do is to light the fire and adjust to the desired temperature level in the room on the remote control.

*Compared to the same HWAM wood-burning stove without Autopilot IHS (Intelligent Heat System).

This is how easy it is

Light the fire as usual

With Autopilot IHS you light the fire as you would with any other stove. No changes here.

Adjust to the desired temperature level in the room

Use the remote control to adjust to the desired temperature level in the room easily and rapidly.

The remote control beeps when
you need to add firewood

The intelligent remote control beeps when it is time to add more firewood. This way you do not have to constantly keep an eye on the fuel level in the stove – HWAM Autopilot IHS does it for you.

Remote control

The remote control is used to adjust the room temperature to the desired level. It automatically informs you when it is time to add more firewood. It continually measures and transmits the room temperature to the control system.

Thermometer and
Oxygen Flow Meter

The temperature in the wood-burning stove and the oxygen level in the waste gas are constantly measured and transmitted to the control system.


The Airbox controls the amount of air in the stove with three independent air inlets. The Airbox regulates the combustion on the basis of three factors: the room temperature, the temperature in the stove, and the oxygen level in the waste gas.

HWAM is a Danish manufacturer of woodburning stoves.
For nearly 40 years, we have been striving to combine the properties of fire with modern society’s needs for energy and environmental solutions.

Moreover, we collaborate with a number of established designers and architects who emphasise innovative and user-friendly designs. These designs update the practice of lighting a fire in a wood-burning stove and provide the user with a perfect contemporary experience.

All HWAM products comply with the strictest environmental requirements, and we continually strive to optimise the environmental features of HWAM wood-burning stoves.

HWAM has developed a PC program for HWAM Autopilot IHS, which provides an interface that allows you to read off technical combustion data.

If you want to monitor the combustion process in your stove, you can connect your PC to the air box in the stove via a software program, IHS Insight™, from HWAM A/S. IHS Insight™ makes it possible for you to gain insight into the details of the combustion process.

You can see how room temperature, chimney temperature and the level of oxygen in the combustion chamber develop live while your stove is burning. You can also see the positions of the three dampers.

You can get IHS Insight™ by registering your HWAM IHS™ stove here.

As an innovative company, HWAM improves the combustion principles on an ongoing basis, which is to the benefit of both the environment and the consumer. We would like to offer you these advantages and show you exactly how your stove burns, so a lot of effort has gone into finding a way to make this possible.

New firmware updates for your remote control, the Airbox as well as new algorithms for the Airbox will be sent out on an ongoing basis. This will allow you to update all IHS functions from now on and thus ensure optimum combustion.

On this page you will find the link so that you can download the new updated program to your PC. If you have an old version of the IHS Insight™ program installed on your PC, it will automatically be deleted. Download the program, and follow the attached description to update your stove.

- Francais: Description d'IHS Insight

- Italiano: Descrizione IHS Insight

- NL: Beschrijving de IHS Insight

New Insight program:

February 2016

• Improved and simplified menu layout on the remote control.

• Option to choose between four different languages on the remote control (Danish, German, English and French).

• The temperature scale on the remote control can be switched between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

• New logo on the remote control.

• Support for IHS Backup. 

• Stove stand-by is shown on the remote control

Autopilot IHS is built into a number of our most popular wood-burning stoves. You can read much more about them at

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