HWAM Floor plate in glass & steel - big

HWAM Floor plate in glass & steel - big

As something new, tailor-made floor plates are now available for your HWAM stove.

We have developed new steel and glass floor plates which precisely match the shape of your stove.

Sizes and models:

 HWAM 2630 & 2640
 A: B: C:
 88,8 cm 52,7 cm 0,6 cm

HWAM 3120 & 3130, HWAM 3220, HWAM 3420, HWAM 3500

 A: B: C:
 94,4 cm 50,7 cm 0,6 cm

HWAM 3600

 A: B: C:
 97 cm 51 cm 0,6 cm

HWAM 4500

 A: B: C:
  92,6 cm 51,0 cm 0,6 cm

HWAM 4600

 A: B: C:
105,6 cm 50,9 cm 0,6 cm

HWAM 7100

 A: B: C:
 94,7 cm 49,2 cm 0,6 cm

Dimensional drawing
HWAM Floor plate in glass & steel - big
Technical specifications
Technical data
Height (cm): A: 88,8
Width (cm): B: 52,7
Depth (cm): C: 0,6

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